Indo American Schools INFRASTRUCTURE

Good infrastructure is basic requirement for creating an environment that fosters learning and creativity. At IAMPS, we have carefully curated the entire journey of the child. All the facilities and infrastructure have been created with a proper planning of how we want the children’s experience to be. Here’s what we you can expect at our campuses.

  • Montessori Studio:

    All the teaching tools and equipment will be available in the Montessori Studio for the children.

  • Creativity Arena:

    Creativity Arena is the best place to enhance the child’s interest learning interesting craft work.

  • Common Corner:

    In order to inculcate good habits and living room manners in the children, this room will the centre for the children to learn the social etiquettes and also relax for some time.

  • Tot’s Odeum:

    There is an actor in every child. Tot’s odeum is a place for the child to act and react with the other children.

  • Mini Opera:

    The recreational activities like dancing & singing make them more active and positive. Mini Opera is a room to perform all the dancing and singing activities.

  • Smartcentre:

    Matching the steps with the present tech-savvy generation, it has become crucial to keep the children updated with the latest development around them. For the smart children of a smart school, IAMPS have introduced Interactive Boards for the children to enjoy the pictorial description of images. This is an effective style of making children smart and wise with the help of visuals

  • Puppet Play Corner:

    Puppet Play corner is also available for puppet show which is a perfect mode to impart basic etiquettes and manners to the children

  • Kindergym:

    We care for child’s Well-being. The exclusively designed Kindergym have equipment like treadmill, Double twister,power rider, scooty,stepper and fitness cycle.

  • Mini’s Café:

    It is the dining area where, the children will not only have food but they will be trained with the table etiquettes and good eating habits and sharing habits.

  • Ball Tub:

    The best thing for the children is to play with balls. It is loved by children of all age group. With a view to make it more exciting for the tiny tots, there are giant tubs filled with balls of all size. That is the Ball Tub.

  • Kiddie Pool:

    The best way to make the child a good swimmer is to let him in a pool. The Kiddie pools are designed to allow the child to enjoy in water and learn how to swim.

  • Tiny desert:

    Small artificial sand pits pretending like deserts are for the development of gross motor and fine motor of the children.

  • SmallClassrooms:

    A colourful and bright atmosphere with lots of toys and posters all around the walls of the classrooms. Anti-pollution plants will not only beautify the surrounding but it will also amplify positivity in the atmosphere. The classrooms are the BreathEasy Classrooms.This will rejuvenate the children and help in the smooth learning process.

  • Fairyland:

    An area devoted for the swings, slides, rockers, rides and miniwheels where children can play around happily and enjoy the small rides designed keeping in mind the safety of the children.

  • And much More..